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Best offer in Los Angeles For Jewelry & Gold

Pawn Loans for Jewelry and Gold

Only A Plus A offers most cash for your gold, platinum, silver, jewelry, diamonds, watches, coins, scrap or broken gold. We also pay cash for Apple Macbook, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

  • Selling or Pawning your gold and silver jewelry with us is easy and takes minutes. Bring us your items and get cash in minutes
  • Open on Sunday. Our location is open 7 days a week come in any day of the week
  • We are easy to find near downtown on Alvarado Street between Beverly and 3rd St.


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Best Pawnshop in Los Angeles. The staff is so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

March 21, 2015
Five star rating.

Prices are fair and they work with you to make you happy. You can really tell customer service is important to them. It feels good to walk into a clean store. Highly recommended if you've fallen on hard times or just need some extra money for a couple months.

Pawn Shop review on Yelp

He sido clienta por muchos tiempo, siempre me ha gustado el trato de los empleados..

Aug. 21, 2014
Five star rating.

He sido clienta por muchos tiempo, siempre me ha gustado el trato de los empleados, casi siempre me dan lo que les pido a bajo interes recomendada. gracias.

Pawn Shop review on Google Plus

Most pawn shops have no soul so I definitely recommend a plus a.

Dec. 16, 2015
Five star rating.

I've pawned multiple guitars here and have always gotten them back how I left them. They also worked with me a few times if I needed more than they first offered. Also I went past the deadline for a guitar pedal I had pawned and they still let me get it back after 2 days of going over.

Review on Yelp

Never thought I would have to use a pawnshop but times are tough and I'm extremely happy I took my friends advice

March 19, 2015
Five star rating.

after going to a couple other stores A Plus A pawnshop paid me more then anybody. Great employees and extremely clean well kept store. Not only did they send out a notice but they also called me to make sure I'm aware my items were almost due so I wouldn't lose them. Over all I had a great experience and will definitely know where to go in the future when needed.

Pawn Shop review on Yelp

A Plus A Pawn Shop

186 S. Alvarado St,

Los Angeles, CA 90057

Best Offers in LA

Open 7 Days a Week

213 484-5414

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la pawnCome to our store today. We have purchased & sold thousands of jewelry items and sold more electronics than can fit into our 14k square foot facility in downtown Los Angeles.


Customer service is our top priority so stop in today for the best offer on your items. Doing business near Los Angeles downtown for over 30 years.


A Plus A is the best Pawn Shop Near Me.

A Plus A Pawn Shop is offering an internet special introductory rate of 0% interest for the first month (30 days).
You will have 4 months to repay your loan, which can be renewed for additional 4-month terms.
An example loan of $150 would incur a 34.49% APR and the total at the end of 4 month due to reclaim your item is $164.49.